About Our Escape Rooms

It's the year 2150, and Earth has become uninhabitable for the human race.

You and a host of other passengers are traveling through interstellar space on board the Atlas 8, a spacecraft designed to take you to your new home: an earth-like planet called Kepler 452B.

After decades of uninterrupted flight, the Atlas 8 suddenly encountered cosmic rays from a nearby star that have damaged the ship's guidance system, incapacitated crew members, and left the ship sailing off course into the great void of space.

Your mission is to repair the damaged guidance system, take command of the ship in place of the captain, and correct the ship's course toward Kepler 452B.
The once bright hope of the human race has all but faded. Stray from your mission, and the light of mankind will be snuffed out.  But persist, and it will continue to shine on from our new home among the stars.
Atlas 8 Leaderboard
Team Name Remaining Time
1 Pfriends 32:51:09
2 Hummus 28:13:68
3 Something Unique 26:24:83
4 Game of Tones 26:07:89
5 Killer B's 26:01:40

Shadow Manor
It's a dark and stormy night. Feeling mischievous, you and your friends decide to take a stroll to the abandoned house at the end of the street for a good-natured scare. But your evening of fun turns into a real life nightmare when the door slams behind you and you find yourself locked inside Shadow Manor.

As the story goes, the mysterious woman that used to live there died from heartbreak and has haunted the house ever since. Now she's holding you hostage until you help her put the pieces of her life back together. Will you escape to tell the tale, or become another one of the ghost stories that haunts Shadow Manor?
Shadow Manor Leaderboard
Team Name Remaining Time
1 Out with the old in with the nucleus 22:11:33
2 MAAC Attack 20:38:71
3 Vipers 14-1 18:52:10
4 4 Men & A Lady 17:10:85
5 Team John Rack 15:53:61

 After three years of non-stop investigation into a series of murders by a serial killer, the situation has reached a breaking point. The meticulous hitman, dubbed "The Mayflower" because of the ship-in-a-bottle relics found next to his victims, has slipped and left a bit of evidence that has led the investigation right to his apartment.

Join the investigation in our flagship room, by exploring the mind of the serial killer, unlocking clues, and attempting to stop this psychopath, before he stops you.
The Mayflower Leaderboard
Team Name Remaining Time
1 Schooner Than You 26:15:31
2 Good_Win 22:08:88
3 Talk Nerdy To Me 20:48:57
4 Econo-Sausages 20:21:21
5 Squad Goals 18:20:17

There's no place quite like Memphis.  From the music, to the food, and the soul, this city has a rich history and is full of valuable treasures.
Unfortunately, many of these treasures have vanished over the years, and are believed to be in the possession of a man known as The Collector.  Valuable items have gone missing before, but none so great as the recent disappearance of the key to the city.
This key, a symbol of the city's greatness, has been given to citizens over the years that have achieved excellence in their field of expertise.  But the hands of a greedy collector is no place for such an important artifact.
Your task is to locate the collector's private reserve of Memphis memorabilia, and reclaim the Key to the City.  Now is the time for you to find your place in Memphis history.
Memphis Leaderboard
Team Name Remaining Time
1 Jack-Toe-Lantern 23:34:02
2 Dungeon Masters 19:03:64
3 The Valentines 17:46:30
4 Marco! 16:11:41
5 4th of July 14:32:64


What was once thought impossible has become a reality. Parallax, an artificial intelligence system designed to aid in classified operations, has taken on a mind and mission of its own. Top scientists and coders have tried to disarm the system from outside the security compound with no luck.

Now they turn to your team of top agents to break into the facility, penetrate the secure servers, and destroy the source code before it’s too late. This mission requires the best and brightest of our kind to prove that man will always defeat the machine. Do you have what it takes?

Parallax Leaderboard
Team Name Remaining Time
1 Breadsticks 24:37:38
2 Poutine Posse 21:06:40
3 Hi-5 20:36:43
4 The Pintos 20:32:13
5 Real Intelligence 20:17:46


The late Reginald Merryweather has long held massive fortunes, and after his recent passing, his wealth was distributed amongst family and personal charities. The only piece of the eccentric businessman's estate that remains unclaimed are the contents of a box that Mr. Merryweather kept by his side at all times. No one knows what the box contains, but the billionaire always said it held "something of great value."

Mr. Merryweather left a trail of clues in his private office, but warned that they can only be solved by those worthy of the ultimate prize. Race to unlock this mysterious box before its priceless contents are claimed by greedy relatives.

What's In The Box? Leaderboard
Team Name Remaining Time
1 The Berry Bunch 23:20:27
2 TNT 20:51:45
3 Money In The Bank 20:34:94
4 Fightin' Owls 19:34:64
5 Artco 19:25:07


After narrowly missing the Mayflower killer at his apartment, another breakthrough has been made in the case of this wild psychopath and his string of seamingly random murders.  Our latest intelligence has uncovered the location of the Mayflower's secret hideout, which is believed to hold information regarding his future targets.

Your objective is to investigate the serial killer's hideout, discover the time and location of his next crimes, and help our task force put an end to these senseless murders once and for all.  But be careful.  If there's one thing we've learned about the Mayflower, it's that he's as smart as he is dangerous.  

Mayflower II Leaderboard
Team Name Remaining Time
1 L-Grind And The Pimp$ 20:52:25
2 We're The Fastest 18:26:85
3 Thirty & Thriving 17:52:65
4 T. Lang And The Hamilton Gang 17:38:60
5 Enginerds 16:21:07